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On June 13th, 2020, at Spreckels Park in Coronado CA, students, alumni and parents echoed emotionally disturbing personal stories about systemic racism experienced at the Coronado Unified School District (CUSD). The narrated details unveiled the quiet, but alarming reality at CUSD, educational racism and microaggressions were accepted and denied, but most concerning, fomented with silence. We’re here to make sure that our students voices are heard.


Who We Are

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"Our intent is not to point fingers, or make you feel uncomfortable, but to highlight and raise awareness with the hope of keeping this important conversation going. "

– The InclusioNado Steering Committee

Here to Serve

After the march, Coronado awoke to a painful reality, the CUSD was at the core of the problem. The awareness began to take center stage in our community, recognizing the need to demonstrate the type of solidarity that prevails beyond a one-time event or political statements to avoid blame with promises of support and change. As the educational system had failed students and parents for years, accountability was at the forefront.

Over the next few months, more and more student stories surfaced. Their struggle became the catalyst to empower parents, students and community members who recognized the importance of CUSD accountability to achieve transformative change. The time had come to mobilize from awareness into action. Consequently, parents and students decided to embark in the journey for racial justice, equity, inclusion and diversity at the CUSD, recognizing that our beloved community support would be essential to implement transformative change.

Therefore, with love for Coronado and All students at CUSD, we launched a community initiative focused on the value of inclusion and diversity, embracing our commitment to stay InclusioNado!

We want a Community

Where Diversity Matters

This is a space of learning and our Intention is to:

  • To model civil conversations on race, inclusion, and equity so others can join in.
  • Create a safe place for adults to have these conversations.
  • Explore the cognitive dissonance of race relations.
  • Clarify language use around diversity.
  • Aid parents in having these conversations with their children.
  • Understand the concern with children’s emotional safety in school.
  • Understand the social dynamics of children aside from school.
  • Align the conversations with our overall objectives of the organization.

Discipline Action Guide Response

Create Diversity Our initiative is to build a school community where anti-racism thrives, black lives matter, and racial and ethnic diversity is embraced. By The

Systematic Racism is Real

It wasn’t too long ago that a lot of people were talking about a post-racial AmericaOpens a new window. We had elected a Black president for