Our October Focus

Our October focus is a student-driven activity that we are excited to share with you.  We are seeking donations of California Department of Education award-winning books with a diverse perspective for the Coronado Schools Libraries, our goal is to empower CUSD students to become Champions of Social Justice.

Our Response to CUSD
Discipline Action Guide Update

This summer, we learned from Black alumni and students that racial harassment occurs in Coronado schools. Parents, students, teachers, and coaches spoke out and demanded that the school immediately stop allowing this. We called for a ban on racial slurs and any form of harassment and to fire teachers who violate this new guideline.

We expected a strong anti-harassment policy to be rolled out this Fall. Instead, not enough has been done to address this. A broader effort with leadership and clear communication is urgently needed. Here is how we suggest CUSD build a strong policy to ensure our students are free from harassment:

  • Use clear language in the Disciplinary Action Guide (DAG) to ban slurs and harassment. In September, you added “the use of biased language” into the DAG: this language is confusing and vague. You must make the new guideline explicitly clear by stating, “racial slurs and any form of harassment based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or abilities are banned.”

Our Mission


Partnering with the Coronado Unified School District to create a diverse and inclusive culture so that every student feels valued and all students are prepared for life outside of Coronado.


Our initiative is to build a school community where anti-racism thrives, black lives matter, and racial and ethnic diversity is embraced.


We are a non-political and non-religious organization open to all. We are not affiliated with the BLM organization, however we strongly believe that all lives cant matter until Black students, and children of colors’ lives matter. 

A Community Resource

We are here to help navigate through the endless source of information about race and social injustice out there. Our aim is not to point fingers, or make you feel uncomfortable, but to highlight and raise awareness with the hope of keeping this important conversation going.